Let Smile on Safari’s dental experts bring back your smile.

A Smile Makeover could be just the ticket to bringing back that sparkly smile you want every time you look in the mirror. Smile Makeovers deliver natural-looking results that incorporate metal-free, modern dental technologies. Giving you a spectacular smile to take home, Smile Makeovers can easily fix the following dental problems:

Can be straightened with invisible braces or through an instant smile makeover, if your time is limited.
Can be repaired with metal-free, aesthetically pleasing fillings, veneers, crowns or restorations.
Can be lengthened or shortened to even out your smile.
Can be replaced using dental implants, partial dentures or a Zirconium bridge.
Can be brought back to sparkling white in less than one hour. If your discoloured or stained teeth need more serious intervention than a whitening treatment, veneer implants can be used to bring back the sparkle.
Can be fixed using a re-contouring process that recreates your gum line and uses porcelain crowns. Botox® or dermal fillers can also be used to help you bring out your best smile.
These often turn teeth grey over time, but that can be resolved by replacing these unsightly fillings with natural-looking ceramic restorations, porcelain inlays or composite restorations. You’ll always be metal and mercury-free with us.

Dental Reconstruction and Full Rehabilitation

While a smile makeover can resolve minor dental problems, full dental reconstruction may be required for more serious oral problems. A dental reconstruction means that our team of dentists will rebuild and restore all teeth in your upper and lower jaws. If you have any of the following dental issues, a full mouth reconstruction may be required:

  • Multiple missing teeth due to decay or trauma
  • Heavily chipped or fractured teeth
  • Severely worn or ground teeth or
  • Chronic jaw, muscle or head pain

Your dentist will conduct a full and thorough examination of your jaw, teeth and gums to assess whether or not a full mouth reconstruction will be required. X-rays, photographs and models will be made of your teeth to accurately examine all areas of your mouth and create a comprehensive treatment plan that’s made just for you.


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