Our Smile on Safari team of specialists is ready to bring back that shiny smile.

Nothing catches your eye more than a dazzling smile, but discoloured or stained teeth can be disconcerting.

Now one of the more popular cosmetic dentistry practices, teeth whitening can almost immediately bring back that smile to your face. Our expert team of dental specialists use the BriteSmile® Teeth Whitening System exclusively, with proven results.

When you book a Teeth Whitening procedure with our Smile on Safari dental specialists, you’ll first have photographs taken of your teeth, and then a full professional cleaning will be done on each tooth. Using a combination of gel and blue light treatments, your teeth will be whitened to a shade you are satisfied with. We’ll snap some ‘after’ photographs for you too, so you can compare your new smile with your old one.

For follow-up appointments, our team recommends a touch-up whenever you feel the need, and a regular check-up every six to twelve months, to keep that smile of yours at its brightest shine.


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